Easy To Understand Construction Approvals

As a building and construction professional, you know that the approvals and certification processes are essential in moving a project forward in Queensland. At ICA, we work to make these processes as smooth as possible, while keeping you informed at every stage.

When it comes to projects of all scopes and sizes, it can be easy for the necessary processes to become impersonal and tedious. That’s where the ICA team will make the difference.

Our services aren’t just designed to get the adequate approvals done, we work with you and your entire project team to keep everything on schedule. Our team will work with you to effectively communicate the specific approval requirements of your project – no matter its size, scope or complexity.

Building Certification & Approvals


Building Construction Approvals

As a part of this service Integrated Construction Approvals will review project applications and provide an assessment summary. Once this has been done, we will complete a final project evaluation to determine the application for building and construction work. We will then issue Approval Documents for the project, which will enable construction to commence.

Building Inspections

In order to ensure that your project meets legislative requirements, our team will inspect construction work at mandatory stages during the construction phase.



Once the project has progressed, we will review the required project certificates and then issue a Final Certificate upon completion of the project. This will ensure that the project is ready for occupation.

Livable Housing Assessments

As an additional service offering, Integrated Construction Approvals are available to provide Livable Housing Assessments for your projects. We will review your plans and provide you with a Livable Housing award level based on our assessment of the design documents.

We can also provide Livable Housing Design Certified Ratings awarded based on as-built inspections. So, if you already have a built project but are looking for a Livable Housing Rating, we can assist you.