Frequently Asked Questions


What does a building certifier do?

Building Certifiers do a number of things, but the main services you will see are:

  • Provide initial compliance advice for proposed building work
  • Assess and approve plans relating to new or altered buildings
  • Inspect construction work at mandatory stages
  • Issue certificates of inspection
  • Give final approval for a building to be occupied.
Does my project need to engage a building certifier?

Generally speaking, all building work will require a building certifier to provide construction approval and certification services.

Minor building works detailed under Schedule 1 & Schedule 2 of the Building Regulation 2006 are the exception to this rule.

What is the building approval process in Queensland?

Stage 1 – Town Planning Stage: This is the very beginning of the process, where an application to Council has been triggered.

Stage 2 – Building Approval Stage: This includes referrals to Referral Agencies, Plan Assessment and issue of Construction Approval.

Stage 3 – Construction Stage: This is when the project begins construction and it involves the mandatory inspection stages.

Stage 4 – Certification Stage: This is when the project is complete and the building certifier issues the Final Certificate to the owner.

What is a DA Form 2 – Building Work Details and why do I need it?

DA Form 2 – Building Work Details is the application form required for all development applications involving building work. The form only came into effect in 2017, but is now the required application form.

It can be found here:

Resources & Downloads

The building certification process can seem complicated. From different legislation requirements, all of the necessary forms and other information – it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Here’s a list of the most helpful resources and downloads that will help make the approvals process easier for your project.